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Producer Ilona Six started her career studying law. In 2001 Ilona Six founded, together with her brother Tom Six, film production company Six Entertainment.


In 2003 Six Entertainment produced GAY the first Dutch gay feature film in the Netherlands, starring  a lot of famous Dutch actors. In 2004 GAY was released in mainstream Dutch theaters and caused a lot of controversy. GAY was sold to the U.S. as GAY IN AMSTERDAM.


In 2006 Six Entertainment produced the feature film  HONEYZ for a mainly teenage audience. The film is about two girlfriends who entrapped themselves in the luxurious department store, the “Bijenkorf”, in Amsterdam. HONEYZ was one of the first films in the world that was simultaneously released in theaters, on DVD, Pay TV, Internet and on a mobile phone on April 28th 2007.


In 2007 Six entertainment produced the instant cult film I LOVE DRIES, about the famous Dutch singer Dries Roelvink who is being abducted by his biggest fans because they what his baby. I LOVE DRIES was released and played in the famous Dutch restaurant chain Van der Valk.


In 2009 Six entertainment produced the highly controversial international horrorfilm THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE (FIRST SEQUENCE) . The Dutch/ U.K. co-production starring German star actor Dieter Laser created a hugh buzz worldwide. The film won 11 international awards and is distributed worldwide.


In 2010 Six Entertainment Company produced THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE II (FULL SEQUENCE) which had it’s world premiere in 2011 as the openings movie of the Fantastic Fest in Austin Texas. The movie lead to a lot of controvery world wide and was even totally banned in the UK claiming the movie would cause harm to viewers. After 32 compulsory cuts totalling 2 minutes and 37 seconds were made the film was released in th UK. In Germany the movie is still banned.


To end the planned The Human Centipede trilogy Six Entertainment Company produced in 2012 THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE III (FINAL SEQUENCE which will have it’s premiere in april 2015. All three films can be connected like a human centipede and form one 4.5 hours movie.


Six Entertainment Company currently works on the post production of their newest controversial film THE ONANIA CLUB. 

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